Our Heritage

We value our legacy.

  In the late 1800's, Paper Makers Chemical started in Pennsylvania and Michigan. They became one of the largest suppliers of chemicals to the paper making  industry. In the mid 1920's the owners of PMC organized Superior Pine Products Company as a subsidiary and acquired the Suwannee Forest as a raw material source for rosin. In 1931, Paper Makers Chemical Co. was sold to Hercules Powder Co., but Superior Pine Products was retained by the principals. Suwannee Forest has become a model throughout the region.

  Initially, we were in the business of producing rosin and turpentine. In 1948, a transition from an emphasis on turpentine to an emphasis on timber production took place. Since that time, Superior Pine continues management practices that maximize timber production and ensures our forest's sustainability. Annually, two to three million seedlings a year are planted and because of sustainable forest management, our forest has more trees now than it did 75 years ago. We have more wildlife than ever before. Over the years, Superior Pine has pioneered plantation forestry, introduced the use of mobile radios to combat fires, and made significant contributions of time, money and land to our community of Fargo, Georgia.


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